Full Version: Draw me! [VIP] or $5 voucher for buycraft!
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[Image: Draw+me]

Welcome to our first OFFICIAL forum competition, just for you forum members! ;D

For this competition you be drawing MrZombiePants123 or Zombie MrGreen_HD and Zero.

Here is some examples of drawn minecraft avatars!

[Image: Examples]





[Image: Rules]

  1. You may color the picture in.
  2. You can use extras; for example: Holding pick, holding sword etc.
  3. You may draw yourself in the picture.
  4. Feel free to put anything minecrafty in the picture!

[Image: Competition+ending%20time]

Competition closing on the 18th and winner will be announced same day!

[Image: Prizes]

1st place: [VIP] Rank, 1 set of diamond armour and $100 in game.
2nd place: 1 set of diamond armour
3rd place: $50 in game.

[Image: Atleast+six%20people%20MUST%20enter]

[Image: Good+luck%20and%20get%20creative]

My skin: [Image: f5a448611cb64cd6f8430479dadc2ad5.png]

Once you have got the picture from either scanning it or taking a picture of your phone upload it to http://www.imgur.com and put the link in a reply to the thread, simple as that!
First Fail Attempt ;p Here.
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