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Not Saggy Enough! - Saggy - 02-20-2013 10:16 AM

Hello PureMC Forums!

I Am Saggy.
I joined this server way back, not sure when. The servers IP has been in my Multiplayers list for sometime.
I am a friendly,modest,kindhearted and easy going person. I like Carrots. My favorite band is The Title.

I get on everyday, it's like a part of my schedule for some odd reason.
Anyway. I come in peace and offering my assistance at spreading this servers name.

Here are some promotion videos I made from MapleStory Private Servers.

BlizzardMS -

RydahMS -

IDontEvenMS -

Thinking I could use my skills to help around here!

Friends are always nice... Add me On Skype! JustinXAlex

Thank you for your time! Ayybedebombe!