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Moderator Application - PVP2 - SpencerJin - 03-20-2013 03:00 AM

Real Name: Spencer Lueders

MC/IGN: SpencerJin (mostly called Spencer Or Spence)

Joined Server: I use to play on PVP1 and then I was told there was a second server so i have then played for a couple of months or so.

Age: I am currently 14 years old.

Time Zone: I live in the Central Time Zone (US)

Hours: I am able to play for about 4-5 hours during weekdays and on weekends I can play for much longer.

Experience: I have been Moderator on about 2-3 other servers and Admin on 1 server. Although I have been moderator/administrator on other servers i would not consider myself greatly experienced.

Reasons To Be A GM: I want to be a GM because I wanna help new players that may not understand what the server is about. I would also I like to greet and welcome new members and make them feel welcomed on the server. Plus I can also help with any projects or builds that might be related to the server.

Areas I Want To Focus On: I would like to focus mostly on welcoming new members and showing them around. I would also like to focus on dealing with conflicts that might occur between players. I would make sure that I found out all the facts about the conflict before using a punishment command. I respect all players and feel like they need a fair "trial".

Players Which I Conflict With: Like I said in the paragraph above i would try to find out all the facts and try to resolve out the problem reasonably with as least amount of aggression as possible. Then I would give a fair punishment if needed to resolve the conflict.

Any Other Information: I just wanna say that even if I do not become a GM i still wanna say that the server is very fun and it is probably my favorite server. Thanks For An Amazing Server And Responsible GMs That Help Out The Server.