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Saggy Mod Application
02-20-2013, 10:43 AM (This post was last modified: 02-22-2013 01:45 PM by Saggy.)
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Brick Saggy Mod Application
(Format made by MrGreene HD: )
By filling out this application I fully understand that it is an application for the purpose of applying for the role of Game Master and nothing else. I understand that this application does not and will not count as a Forum Moderator Application for the Pure Minecraft Series.

Real Name: Is Cristian Ivan Carrillo
MineCraft Name:
Saggyist. Call me as you wish, I prefer just Saggy.
Joined Server:
I had joined a long ways back. The servers IP has been sitting in my Multiplayer list for some time. Discovering that it was up I re-joined and that brings me to where I am now. Applying for a Moderator Position.
Turning 18 In June.
Time Zone:
I live in Houston, Central Time.
Hours Available:
The past few days I'v often got on around 6 - 9PM.
I have hosted my own Minecraft Server and Moderated on a few others,
while also being a moderator on different games such as Maple story, I'v always been a friendly and cheerful moderator, able to keep order and peace. I am well known for coming up with witty idea to keep our users entertained,event ideas and great video promotions, as seen here...

BlizzardMS -

RydahMS -

IDontEvenMS -

Reasons to be a Game Moderator:
I'v always loved the idea of keeping the peace,order and enforcing rules. I would love to keep this a community-friendly PVP environment. The irony that people fight each other. Me trying to keep the peace. Hah. But also Ideas to keep the server new.
As a GM, what area's would you like to focus on?

Giving out Ideas to keep our server new and fun,for players to keep coming for a newer experiance each tiime.
Making sure any players with questions can be more then happy to ask me without having to be judged of how they're new or just may not have explored as much as other users. I'd like life as a Pvp user in PureMC to be fair and fun!
Players which you conflict with:
I'v come across none in which I do not like. Everyone so far seems kind enough for me to stand. It takes a lot for me, not to like someone.
Any other information you would like to share:

I'd love to deliver any ideas I have and share my promotional abilities. I would like to help keep PureMC a fun and fantastic experience. Feel free to contact me on skype (JustinXAlex) or email (

I feel I am very much liked among the community of pvp1. People often times think I am OP, because of how I help so many people. I enjoy the community a lot and would love to play a larger part in helping the server grow to its max potential.

- Saggy
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