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SlayerrHD's Mod application
02-22-2013, 03:03 AM
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SlayerrHD's Mod application
Name: joakim koivu
Timezone: (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Oslo, Roma, Wien
Age: 16
Daily playing hours: i can play up to 5/7 hours in a day
steam: jokkerokke
Skype: Jokkerokke

Why do you want to be an Moderator
Well obviously I want to minimise the amount of rule breaking and create an enjoyable experience for the whole player base. But more to the point I would like to become Moderator to help and encourage new players, provide them any assistance they may need, and generally aid any player in any way they require in a polite, respectful and accelerated manner. Finally I would like to help relieve some of the stress of the other staff members by being active and helping consistently.

What could you bring to the team:
I could bring my commitment, I would try me very hardest to provide players with informative and helpful answers to all their queries, I would do this frequently to make sure all players have an enjoyable experience.
Also because of my previous experience I have a great understanding of appropriate sanctions and the best means to deter rule breakers, by simply making fair unbiased decisions. Also I have high amounts of time and patients, which I think would be essential when helping players come to grips with rules and any problems that have.

Thanks for reading my moderator application
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