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02-02-2013, 11:53 AM
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My in game name is, Iamminer

I can contribute to the server in many ways. One of which is, I can moderate the arena. I can help keep the players in line, (following rules).
I am very trust worthy. A lot of the people on the server know me and appreciate what I have done already.

I think I should be Moderator, because I am trust worthy. I can also follow rules very well. I can monitor the arena and the server, and make sure people aren't hacking. I know a lot of people that have hacked or do and have found glitches in the system that I can report to Xyloar and Zombie.

I only look up to 2 staff because there really isn't any staff on the server. Thoughs two are, Xyloar and Zombie. I look up to these two, because they are the owners and deserve respect and are the most organized, (smartest).

I have been playing for about half a year, (5-6 months).

I have spoken to Xyloar and Zombie about how to get Moderator.

I am on after school at 3:50-4:00 Eastern time in U.S every day. On the weekends I am on probably from 8:00-12:00 or 1:00 Eastern time. As long as the server is up.

Yes, I have had experience being a Moderator and Admin on several servers. I also have had some brief experience with owning a server.

Yes, I do feel that I am liked among the community of PvP1. People have already asked me for help.

I have donated 20 dollars. Mainly just to help out the server not myself.

Thank you for looking over my application, I really appreciate it
Hope you consider me

Will Ash
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