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Ban Appeal Format & Rules
02-06-2013, 06:26 AM
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Ban Appeal Format & Rules
Ban Appeal Format:

Ban Appeal
Reason why you're banned:
Reason why you broke the rule(s):
When were you banned:
How long have you've been banned:
Why you're applying for ban appeal:
Lesson learned:


ClumsyPanda's Ban Appeal
IGN: ClumsyPanda
Reason why you're ban: Griefing djdowse's house
Reason why you broke the rule(s): I wasn't thinking properly and I was upset at djdowse
When were you ban: December 1st, 2011
How long have you've been ban: 4 days
Why you're applying for ban appeal: I am applying for the ban appeal because I enjoy playing on the server
and I'd like to play on the server again.
Lesson learned: My lesson learned was not to grief and to follow the server rules.


1. Use the proper format or you may be asked to refile your appeal.

2. No Flaming others, or attacking their apologies.

3. Trolling will not be allowed

If you do not know why you were banned or cannot find a ban report use the format below and/or ask an admin for assistance to look up your ban report. No one is banned without a reason. It's very possible you did not find it.
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