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Apply for mod - BetterJediRex
02-15-2013, 07:43 AM
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Apply for mod - BetterJediRex
Real Name: Joav David

MineCraft Name: BetterJediRex

Joined Server: PvP2

Age: 13

Time Zone: Finland (2h ahead of british time).

Hours Available: Any time everyday... I have basketball every day but i can be online after AND before it.

Experience: I have had 3 of my own servers i know allot about servers.

Reasons to be a Game Moderator: I want to help the server out and make it better and guard it (I dont think it can be any better tho).

As a GM, what area's would you like to focus on?: Every single area on the server.

Players which you conflict with: I will ban mute do anything the rules say. I WILL GUARD THE SERVER!!!

Any other information you would like to share: I have basketball everyday except the weekends but thats not a problem it takes me 2h of my day and i have plenty of time to be on the server.
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